Digital Data Platforms

Mamluk Prosopography Project (MPP) (2016-2020)

MPP is an Open Source Data application. It will be constructed from the MP3 Filemaker 12 database and from related datasets. 

MPP's development will be achieved between 2016 and 2020; MPP is funded by the FWO-Flanders (Medium-Size Research Infrastructure), in a joint venture with the ERC Consolidator Grant Project MMS-II. MPP's development has been awarded to INUITS.

For more information see the MPP page.

Mamluk Political Prosopography Project  (MP3) (2009-2016)

MP3 was an ongoing 'open' relational database that operated as the basic research tool ('laboratory') for those members of the UGent Mamluk team that used prosopographical, sociographical and discourse-oriented methodologies; it was hosted on an external server (Clickworks-server), and could be worked with by any team member from any working station with internet access.

A simplified selection of prosopographical and institutional data for the period 784-872 AH/1382-1468 CE from MP3 was made available in a basic searchable format (names in transcription or in Arabic) on this website. see the MP3 page for technical and status details.