Mamluk History and Culture


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Forthcoming etc.:

J. Van Steenbergen & P. Wing, The Mamluk Empire (Edinburgh History of Islamic Empires) Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (in preparation)

The Process of late medieval State Formations. Integration, Negotiation, and Political Order across fifteenth-century Eurasia – Parallels, Connections, Divergences (in preparation – proceedings from conference 10-12/9/’14) 

G. Van Den Bossche, "The Maghribī Vizier and the Haughty Copt: On Narrative Stereotypes and Anti-Dhimmī Polemics in Mamluk Chronicles" (submitted for publication)

F. De Block, . “De muwaqqit in 14de eeuws Syrie en Egypte – Tussen religieus geleerde en wetenschapper?” Koninklijke Zuid-Nederlandse maatschappij voor taal- en letterkunde en geschiedenis: Handelingen LXIX

K. D'hulster, "The Road to the Citadel as a Chain of Opportunity. Mamluks’ careers between contingency and institutionalization", in The Process of late medieval State Formations

J. Van Steenbergen, & M. Termonia, "State Formation, Military Entrepreneurship, and Waqfisation in the Sultanate of Cairo: the case of the court office of the raʾs nawba, 1412-1468" (in preparation)

J. Van Steenbergen & St. Van Nieuwenhuyse, "Justice, Violence, and Truth in the late medieval Sultanate of Cairo. Qurqumās al-Shaʿbānī (d. 1438) and the Formation of Sultan Barsbāy’s State (1422-1438)" (submitted for publication)

J. Van Steenbergen, "Al-Maqrīzī’s History of the Ḥajj (al-Dhahab al-Masbūk) and Khaldūnian Narrative Construction: towards a macro-structural textual analysis of form and meaning", in Mamluk Historiography Revisited, Ed. Stephan Conermann (Bonn & Göttingen: Bonn University Press & V&R Unipress GmbH) (in press)

J. Van Steenbergen, "Revisiting the Mamlūk Empire. Political Action, Relationships of Power, Entangled Networks, and the Sultanate of Cairo in late medieval Syro-Egypt" in The Mamluk Sultanate and its Neighbours, Eds. Reuven Amitai & Stephan Conermann (Bonn & Göttingen: Bonn University Press & V&R Unipress GmbH) (in press)

J. Van Steenbergen, P. Wing & K. D'hulster, "The Mamlukization of the Mamluk Sultanate? State Formation and the History of Fifteenth Century Egypt and Syria: Part I — Old problems and new trends"  & "Part II —Comparative solutions and a new research agenda" (submitted for publication)

J. Van Steenbergen, Caliphate and Kingship in a fifteenth-century literary history of Muslim leadership and pilgrimage. A Critical Edition, Annotated Translation, and Study of al-Maqrīzī's al-Ḏahab al-Masbūk fī Ḏikr man Ḥağğa min al-Ḫulafāʾ wa-l-Mulūk (Bibliotheca Maqriziana) Leiden: Brill (in press) 

J. Van Steenbergen, "‘Nomen est omen. David Ayalon, the Mamluk Sultanate, and the Rule of the Turks", in Egypt and Syria under Mamluk Rule: Political, Social and Cultural Aspects, ed. A. Levanoni [in press]

K. D'hulster, "Fixed Rules to a Changing Game? Sultan Mehmed II's Realignment of Ottoman-Mamluk Diplomatic Conventions with the International Power Constellation", F. Bauden & M. Dekkiche, Liège Proceedings [in press]



 J. Van Steenbergen, “Appearances of Dawla and Political Order in Late Medieval Syro-Egypt. The State, Social Theory, and the Political History of the Cairo Sultanate (thirteenth-sixteenth Centuries).” History and Society During the Mamluk Period (1250-1517) : Studies of the Annemarie Schimmel Research College II. Ed. Stephan Conermann. Vol. 12. Bonn & Göttingen: Bonn University Press & V&R Unipress GmbH, 2016. 53–88

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V. Adriaenssens & J. Van Steenbergen, "Mamluk Authorities and Anatolian Realities: Jānibak al-Ṣūfī, sultan al-Ashraf Barsbāy and the Story of a Social Network in the Mamluk/Anatolian Frontier Zone, 1435-1438", Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society



J. Van Steenbergen,  “‘Mamlukisation’ Between Social Theory and Social Practice: An Essay on Reflexivity, State Formation, and the Late Medieval Sultanate of Cairo.”, ASK WORKING PAPERS 22 (2015)

W. Flinterman and J. Van Steenbergen, “Al-Nasir Muhammad and the formation of the Qalawunid state”, in A. Landau (ed.), Pearls on a String: Art in the Age of Great Islamic Empires (Baltimore and Seattle: The Walters Art Museum and University of Washington Press, 2015) 

P. Wing "Submission, Defiance, and the Rules of Politics on the Mamluk Sultanate's Anatolian Frontier", Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (2014)

J. Van Steenbergen, “Caught between Heredity and Merit: Qūṣūn (d. 1342) and the legacy of al-Nasir Muhammad b. Qalawun (d. 1341)”, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies


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