Mamluk Political Prosopography Project

MP3 was a complex relational database in Filemaker Pro (developed between 2009 and 2016 in collaboration with ClickWorks) that re-organises the available (narrative!) source material’s information on individuals/actors and their 'political' actions and interactions (‘who gets what, when and how in late medieval Syro-Egypt’) in such a way that it becomes easily accessible, searchable and researchable, first and foremost from the perspective of the reconstruction of social and political practices and their temporal dynamics. 

 [MP3 began as part of the MMS-project, mainly funded by a European Research Council Starting Grant (2009-14)]



[MP3 was developed for the MMS team by Clickworks bvba (]

Technical Details:

MP3 Entity-Relationship Diagram: 

central entities:

'Sources'-SRC (=coherent source fragments - 'factoids')

'Chronology'-CHR (=coherent events linked to time and space)

'Individuals'-IVL (=actors involved in [relationships of] power and status)

'Institutions'-INS (=status- and/or income-generating manṣabs)

relationships between central files via: 'Properties'-PRP (time-/space-less factoid attributes of IVL/INS) & 'Interactions'-INT (time-/space-related factoid dyadic interactions between IVLs)